6 in the 6ix net

The quick and dirty info:

Date and time: Wednesday nights at 1930 ET (2330Z Summer, 0030Z Winter)
Frequency: 50.416 MHz, USB
Net control: Andrew, VE3YTP in FN03go

The “6 in the 6ix Net” is a new simplex 6m net hosted by myself, VE3YTP (Andrew). This new net came about after I searched for a local 6m net that could be reached from the Greater Toronto Area. After being unsuccessful in my search, I decided to start one myself. With the net being new, we’ll be figuring out the formatting the first couple of times. Therefore, we’ll keep it casual. Feel free to check in, tell us about your day, ask questions or just call in for a signal report. Listen for us on the air or check in on Netlogger. I’m looking forward to talking with you.

Andrew, VE3YTP

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